As I write this I have under 9 days left of my time in Zambia. I have been working very hard with the Quickbooks implementation to get all the data in and have been writing up notes to help with the processes going forward. I hope it will be enough. I have really enjoyed doing this project and have learnt a lot that I will hopefully be able to use in the future. It has been a challenge, Zambia, as with any country, has its little nuances that makes things a little bit more difficult as an accountant than they otherwise could be. For example, a lot of suppliers don’t want to issue an invoice until after they have received payment, which means flexibility is needed when signing off payments. Working in such a small organisation means being able to get into the nitty gritty of how everything works, it is a lot more fun than being a tiny cog in a huge machine but there is also a lot more to take in and understand and a lot more responsibility lies on each person’s shoulders. I definitely prefer this though.

The weather recently has been quite different, it has started raining occasionally and there have been several thunderstorms. The temperature has been quite a bit cooler, which I had hoped would make the conditions for running a little easier, but with the rain has come a noticeable increase in the humidity. The other day (Friday, I think) I ran after work and it had been mostly sunny and about 28 degrees but there was a light shower as I set out. The water vapour was coming off the road as I ran through parts that had been exposed to the sun which meant I had a lungful of humid air every now and then, pretty uncomfortable as I was trying to run at my goal pace of 4:24 min/km. I ran just over 120km during November which is a record for me, today I was scheduled to run a progression run but listening to my legs, I decided to have a rest and save it for the week to really push the lungs and legs in my last full week of training before the race.

I saw this little chap outside my flat this afternoon and couldn’t resist trying to get a handful of macro shots:

I have been a little bit anxious about my flights back. I am flying Lusaka to Johannesburg (on South African Airways), then onto Heathrow and finally Gibraltar (both on BA). In case you hadn’t seen, SAA have been having some pretty serious strikes and financial issues and it looks like they may not last much past new year. Hopefully they sort things out and for my sake at least, I hope they make it as far as my flight back.

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