So, I have one month left now. I still have quite a bit left to do at Sunny Money to complete everything I wanted to do. The QuickBooks implementation is coming along well and I am hoping to finish catching up to September by the end of this week.

The power situation has been pretty dire this week. Today it has been off at my place since about 6am and I am writing now with about 15% battery power left on my laptop hoping that it lasts at least until the end of the Liverpool vs Man City game. After that I think it is an early night for me. It has been pretty similar all week really and at work the backup system went down on Friday morning as the batteries do not have enough time to charge fully to support 16-18 hours per day on backup. We are looking at getting solar panels for the backup system to combat this. I feel for the everyone here, in a month I will be going back to the luxury of reliable mains power.

Yesterday I went paintballing. It was the birthday party for Christopher, Karla’s son for his upcoming 13th birthday and it was great fun. It was pretty hard work in the heat, we started at 10am but it was already about 30 degrees and being kitted out in the overalls made it pretty sweaty. Today I my thighs have been very sore from all the crouching down behind tyres, upturned crates and hay bales. I still managed to go for my Sunday morning run, which was a speed session but it was pretty painful warming up and even more this afternoon/evening.

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