This weekend I have been experimenting with macro photography. I have noticed how the colours of different plants and trees have changed during my time here and the other day spotted some great shapes of flowers on trees that looked like they would make nice photos. So yesterday and today I just popped out quickly to try out my zoom lens’s macro settings. On Saturday I snapped the below photos:

I liked the spiral shape but it made it a bit difficult to get the depth of field right, I might need to play around with the settings.

Then today I went out again, I had been for a run first thing in the morning and then walked up to the mall to have brunch at Mezza where I had hummus and tabouleh and a coffee. On the way back I walked pretty slowly, still recovering from the run and trying to avoid sweating too much in the 30 plus heat. I spotted a few more potential photos so grabbed my camera when I got home and popped back out. Within about 100m either side of my place I snapped all of these:

Then as I was just deciding to go back in for a nice, ice cold drink of water I spotted another small bushy plant and was lucky enough to catch these:

I enjoyed the satisfaction of catching the bee(s) in decent shots so might try going out again to get some similar shots another time.

Work has been good, the week was quite productive and the QuickBooks data input is coming along well. We are having to post all of the transactions from April (beginning of the financial year) to now so it is quite time consuming but a good way to learn how to best put journal templates and process notes together for when I leave.

I saw a notification on Facebook the other day that there is a race in Lusaka on November 30th, they are organising a marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k. I will probably sign up for the 10k as I am not sure if I am ready for the half marathon yet and don’t want to jeopardise my target for the run two weeks later in La Linea on December 15th.

I have been thinking in more detail about holidays for next year for the last few days. On my shortlist at the moment are: Jordan (Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib, maybe a return to Petra too), Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva etc), Azores, Iceland, Morocco (Marrakesh and Atlas mountains), maybe return visit to Belize, the list could be endless……

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