I got back yesterday from a quick visit to England for my Dad’s 70th birthday. 28 hours of flights plus the extra travel in taxis, trains, tubes etc in 4 days but it was an enjoyable trip. We had rented a large house in Orford, Suffolk and there were about 18 people in total. On Saturday we had a nice dinner prepared by a catering company who came and cooked it in the house and then on Sunday we had a good old English pub lunch. I went for cod and chips as the fish options in Zambia are pretty limited and I needed to get my fix. Before lunch on Sunday a few of us went to visit the nearby Orford Castle which was quite interesting, only the keep is still there as the walls had fallen into ruin and then I guess the stone was all taken to build other buildings.

It’s getting seriously hot here now. When I stepped off the plane yesterday it was about 37 degrees and it is meant to get hotter over the next few weeks. At work it gets pretty stuffy in the afternoons but it still isn’t as humid as Belize which was about the same temperature in April and May when I was there. I’ve been in an almost constant summer climate since I was in Florida in March this year. I am kind of looking forward to having some cooler weather for a while when I arrive back in Spain in December.

As far as work goes, we should be finishing the implementation of the new accounting system soon (in the couple of weeks), then I am keen to implement new processes to automate the finance function a bit more and to introduce some extra controls. It will be nice to do this asap so I can see the effect of what I have done and to be sure I am leaving the company in a stronger position than when I started. I am now into the last six or seven weeks of this project and will have done almost six months between the two placements I have done this year. It has been very rewarding and interesting work and if anyone reading is considering doing something similar then I can definitely recommend that you take the plunge. If you aren’t quite sure yet, then just go to one of the workshops that AfID do, with no commitment needed just to find out about it at least.

Anyway, this weekend is safari time! I’m going to be staying at Chikunto Lodge which looks fantastic. Looking forward to getting some good photos. South Luangwa National Park is supposedly very good for seeing leopards and there will also apparently be lots of lions, elephants, giraffes and more so I am excited to get there. I will be there for three nights from Thursday to Sunday and they have a pretty nice looking swimming pool at the hotel too with views out to the river.

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