We have had Jamie and Sofia visiting from the Solar Aid office in London for the last week or so. It has been good to talk to them and I even tagged along with Sofia on a trip out into the field to Kafue to see one of the agents. It was amazing how dry it was where he lives and how tough life must be living there, let’s hope the rainy season comes soon!

The power situation continues to surprise. Last week it seemed to be off from about 6:30am until about 5pm most days, so not adhering to the schedule. That timetable is not too bad though as at least I have light and am able to cook in the evenings. I gave a solar light to the lady who cleans my place and does my washing and ironing, she seemed pretty pleased. I will have to check how much of a difference it has made next time I talk to her.

I have been doing pretty well with the running, up to doing an average of about 23km per week, usually skipping one of the four sessions per week to let my shins recover and trying not to overtrain. After this morning’s run I tried having an ice bath to cool down my legs. The ice melted in a couple of minutes though so there didn’t seem to be much point, in the end I strapped some frozen hake fillets to my legs and laid down on the sofa. That seemed to do some good 🙂

Next weekend I will be in Suffolk for my Dad’s 70th birthday party. My brother and sister will be there too, it will be good to see everyone. I am flying over on Thursday and back on Sunday via Dubai. I expect it will feel pretty cold, I have basically been stuck in summer since mid-March between Florida, Belize, Spain, Zambia, UK and back to Zambia so have been used to temperatures of 25 – 30 degrees plus (and usually quite a lot higher). Thinking about it, I am kind of looking forward to getting back home in December and it being wintery, well as much as it gets in southern Spain.

I have a safari trip booked for 24th to 27th October which I am really looking forward to. I had paid for it a few weeks ago but my Revolut payment for half the amount had been rejected so I had to go back to the travel agency’s office yesterday morning to pay it in cash instead. My plan was to go there, pay the bill off and then go to the nearest mall to watch a movie at the cinema there. When I got there they said that the payment had gone through after all, so my 200 Kwacha taxi journey was unnecessary, a previous version of me might have been a bit annoyed but I think I have mellowed in the last year or two and I just laughed it off and went to watch Gemini Man at the cinema. Afterwards I ate at Zoran Cafe, where I ordered a half chicken with Peri Peri sauce, which was delicious!!

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