Week Eight (and a half) – An appeal – 09/10/19

Sorry I have slacked a bit this week, think I have been suffering from writer’s block or blogger’s block. I guess I didn’t have enough material in my head on Sunday.

I thought I would write a little bit more about Sunny Money and the lights they sell. I think with the increase in the load-shedding and the inconsistency of the schedule that it is supposed to follow I have been getting a better understanding of how difficult things can be for people who have little or no access to electricity and what an important gap Sunny Money are filling in Zambia and elsewhere. There are quite a lot of options for people who are better off in terms of getting lighting in their homes, whether through use of generators or through buying sophisticated (and quite expensive) large home systems. But for people who are less well off, and those right down to the bottom of the ladder it is not so easy. Sunny Money is trying to ensure that there is nobody for whom it is impossible to get access to solar powered lights. The potential benefits for these people are enormous if they can get onto the energy ladder. I have heard stories about several of the negative effects of using candles and kerosene lamps, some examples are:

  • Children being born by candle light and the child or the mother suffering severe burns in the process
  • Kids turning up to school with sore eyes and nasty coughs because they were doing homework using kerosene lamps
  • Peoples homes burning down because a lamp was left on and then fell or was knocked over while they were asleep

Solar lamps can eliminate the risk of all of these and also has the following advantages:

  • Financial – It is cheaper long term. After the initial outlay, there is no further cost to be incurred. Additionally, all the lights that Sunny Money sells come with a 2 year warranty and I have heard many stories from customers who says the lights they purchased four, five or more years ago are still working really well.
  • Environmental – Obviously solar lights create no air pollution and the energy is renewable.
  • Educational – Children can study for longer because the quality of light is better and they do not have to breath in toxic fumes.
  • Health – It reduces the number of illnesses and accidents caused by candles and kerosene lamps, also decreasing the burden on the health services of countries impacted.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this and about what Sunny Money and Solar Aid do then please look them up on the below links:

Solar Aid home page

Sunny Money Zambia home page

And if you feel like making a donation then please click HERE

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