I have written this blog on Saturday night this week as I decided not to take my laptop with me to Zimbabwe. It has quite a lot of important work information, and photos etc on it so don’t want to risk losing it in Zimbabwe.

This week was really busy at work, we managed to pretty much get everything done for the re-budget for the second half of the year and I met with the customer we are going to be visiting in Zimbabwe. He was here to pick up some more products. We will also be seeing some other potential customers and other parties that may be able to give us a good insight into how the market is there. One of the biggest things to figure out is what the situation with currency is like. I have read some interesting articles about the devaluation the currency and this is obviously a key consideration when doing business over there. So I guess I may write about that on my return. If anyone reading has any in depth knowledge about it then please get in touch.

I have a couple of photos from the wedding now too (see below). The left one is me with James’s dad (Andrew) and Rich, a great friend who studied the same course as me at Uni. The other two show a reenactment of a previous photo which I think is from the Southampton University Graduation Ball in 2005 😃. It was great to see all these guys again.

I have signed up for a 14 week training plan on my Garmin watch with coach Greg McMillan. I am doing the 10k plan (4 sessions per week) with a target time of 44 mins, which is the fastest possible on the current algorithm that Garmin uses. The race I am training for is the 7.5km race on Dec 15th in La Linea. I have done it the last 3 years in a row and am aiming for sub 33:00 (my PB is 34:16). I struggled a bit with the speed session this week, partly because of the pace (up to about 25% faster than target race pace) but also because the watch didn’t seem to update my speed quickly enough so I ended up starting too fast or too slow and then not being able to meet the targets for each repeat. My plan is to wake up early tomorrow morning for the Race Pace session as per below. And then will resume the plan again on Friday once I am back from Harare.

I just paid for a safari weekend today, I will be going for 3 nights to South Luangwa from 24th October, really looking forward to it. I’ll be staying at a place called Chikunto Safari Lodge which looks fabulous.

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