I returned to Lusaka on Monday so just approaching a week back. I had a great time back in Europe. The stag do was good fun, with really nice weather in Cornwall, lots of good old English ale and even a dip in the sea. The car journey back to London was to the soundtrack of Ben Stokes’ amazing innings at Headingley and it certainly made for a more exciting 4 or 5 hours than expected.

In between the stag do and wedding I went back to my flat in Spain to do some contract work, catch up with friends back there and just chill out. I even managed to fit in the Carrera de la Mujer 5k run in La Linea which was good fun, though the weather was very humid, I think I was sweating for about 2 hours after finishing. I guess that bit doesn’t come under “chilling out”.

James and Emily’s wedding ceremony in Leatherhead and the reception at the Abinger Hatch near Dorking were really nice and it was great to reminisce with old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in 8, 10, 12 or maybe even more years! The food at the reception was delicious as was the Sunday recovery lunch the next day.

On my way back to Zambia, I picked up a couple of new toys in Heathrow , a Nikon DSLR camera with two different lenses and a new Garmin running watch (multisports but I will probably only use it for running). So I am now learning how to use the camera, ready for one or two safari trips I have planned for Oct/Nov – some high quality photos to follow soon I hope….

So I have had a week back at work at Sunny Money and first off I arrived to a much anticipated 40ft container of new lights and fans being unloaded. We had been rather low on stock for a while so it was a relief all round that it had finally arrived, even if there was a bit of a hiccup before it was cleared by customs to start selling the lights.

So I had quite a busy week catching up with what has been going on at work but the next few weeks are going to be even busier. We have to rework the budget for the second half of the year (Oct – Mar) and have a trip to Zimbabwe coming up from next Sunday which needs to be planned for. Not to mention the start of the implementation of the new accounting system.

On my return I was greeted with the news that the load shedding in Lusaka has been increased, we are now without power for 8 to 10 hours every day and apparently this could get worse before it gets better. It has made it very difficult to plan when to cook my meals and two out of every three nights I am in the dark, with just my trusty solar lamp (also mobile phone and laptop) to light up the flat. I have to make sure to remember to charge everything while I can.

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