This week I am writing this as I wait for the taxi driver to come and pick me up to take me to the airport. I am off to the UK for a week or so, then back home to La Linea for about 12 days. I’ll then be flying back to London to go to a wedding and then the following day (8th Sep) will be flying back to Lusaka for the second part of my stint over here.

This week at work we got an office cat! On seeing the photos of the rat last week, Lorraine (the Solar Aid FD in London), insisted that we put cat food and vet bills into the budget reforecast that we are soon to be putting together for the second half of the year. So here is a photo of our new recruit “Sunny”, her job is to keep the rats (and therefore also the snakes) away from the office.

This week, I thought I would do a quick photo tour of my accommodation. It is pretty comfortable and spacious. There was initially a problem with low water pressure in the kitchen but that was sorted out in my first week, and the guys also got me a new shower head as the old one was quite blocked up. I have a small kitchen, a pantry and a spacious living room on the ground floor. Then upstairs there is a large bedroom with double bed and a bathroom. There is also outdoor space on each floors though I haven’t used it much.

I have started a list in my head of things I need to remember to bring back on my return, including:

  • DVD player or games console
  • Ground cumin (haven’t been able to find it here but I cook with it all the time)
  • Some more books (probably purchase them on the way back at the airport)
  • More running shorts and shirts
  • A UK phone charger, only one of mine here works
  • A new suitcase, I think I will need two going back in December
  • A jacket, I only have a waterproof coat that won’t be warm enough for when I get back home in December

That’s all I can remember for now, as always I know I am forgetting something, hopefully it comes back to me (Deep Heat just sprang back into my mind, for the occasional sore shins I get from running).

Anyway, the taxi will be here in about 25 mins so that’s all for this week.

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