This week was a short week as Monday was a bank holiday. As mentioned in my last post I was travelling back from Livingstone on Monday on the bus. When I arrived at Lusaka bus station I got mobbed by people offering taxi rides but I had decided to walk to the nearby shopping centre to buy some food and a couple of beers and then planned to get a taxi from there. All went well until I got to the taxi. I think there must be a global business opportunity here, it seems that wherever you go in the world the taxi meters never work, I don’t know who the manufacturers are but surely if I were to get a design for a meter that actually works every time then I could make millions! The poor taxi drivers must get so frustrated.

Anyway, on getting into the taxi and discovering that the meter was “not working” and that even if it had been working “the price on the meter wouldn’t be the best deal for me”, I asked what the price would be. He was very non-committal so I offered 50 Kwacha, which was ridiculed. I then asked how much he wanted and he wouldn’t say, so I got out and walked back to the shopping centre. Bear in mind that this was after 9 hours on the bus so I was a little cranky and just wanted to get home to enjoy my beer! In the end I went to the information desk and the guy there phoned his taxi driver friend who drove me back for 80 Kwacha, including a free Nyanja language lesson too.

On Wednesday we had a rat in the office! We had seen it a week or so before but Iwell (the facilities guy) had put down some poison and we thought that had taken care of it, but it returned. It managed to get in between some of the files on the shelf but Jimmy (the accountant) “took care of it”, it won’t be bothering us again and we are getting a cat in case any of its friends are lurking around.

My bike’s pedal fell off on my way home on Thursday so I think I will be getting a new bike tomorrow. On Thursday the power was off from 6am until about 8pm rather than the scheduled 6am to 10am. No fans at work and no light or cooking at home. I definitely appreciate having a reliable power supply back in La Linea.

I always love funny mistranslations and found a few classic ones when I went to buy a kitchen knife (or is it kinfe?) from a shop called E-Dargon – which has a logo of a dragon above the door. See the picture below for the handling instructions.

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